Company Profile
Company Profile

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tianjin Port (Group) Co., Ltd., Tianjin Port Exchange Market Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) is founded in 2007 and holds two subsidiaries, namely Tianjin Coal Exchange Market Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Port Daye Nonferrous Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. The Company’s businesses involve services for exchanges, delivery and supply chain, which are its three major service product systems. The types of goods covered by its businesses mainly include iron ore, nonferrous mine, steel materials, coke, coking coal, thermal coal and timber, etc. We stick to our company philosophy, that is, to comply with the rules of integrity and prudent operation, and adhere to our business principle, that is, to strictly keep risks under control and to achieve win-win results, so as to provide our clients with professional products as well as timely and effective information and to realize mutual development by means of having innovative thoughts and making honest cooperation.

Trading Service

The Company has built a third-party trading platform of high credibility for bulk commodity manufacturers and traders, i.e., Tianjin Port Exchange Market (, not only allowing customers to realize spot trading and futures delivery, but also enabling them to handle online spot exchanges and arbitrage and obtain bulk commodity price information, port production progress information, market consulting and other services for members. Currently the Exchange Market has nearly one thousand traders members and nearly 2000 registered members, all of which are preferred partners of bulk commodity manufacturers, traders and futures exchanges.

Spot Trading

Facilitate transactions of two transactions sides having high credibility through connecting upstream and downstream customer resources on public transaction platform of the Exchange Market.
Upstream and downstream customers of the business can obtain large amounts of purchaser and supplier information, port ships movement, and industry information and data on the information platform of the Exchange Market. The Exchange Market carries real-time monitoring to cargo loading and unloading, customs entry and storage condition and the transaction capital is supervised by two transactions sides and the Exchange Market, making transactions safe and controlled.

Transaction and Distribution

In order to effectively integrate transportation demands of supply side (cargo owner and agent) and vehicle side (motorcade and driver) of port, improve port distribution efficiency and offer whole supply chain service, the Exchange Market focuses on building exchange distribution service platform. The exchange distribution service platform provides supply side with quality motorcade and driver information, port freight forwarding service, logistics online monitoring and other whole supply chain service; provide vehicle side with distribution information matching, vehicle and delivery agent, intelligent vehicle management and other services. In the future, the platform will continuously develop vehicle repaid and maintenance, insurance, refueling, finance and other value-added services and be committed to build port logistics loop.

Warehouse Warrant Based Transaction

In order to solve the problem of indeterminate quality and quantity of bulk commodities, especially in bulk cargo trade, the Exchange Market identifies cargos of suppliers stored in warehouse owned by or authorized by the Exchange Market, issues warehouse warrant and carry out warehouse warrant based transaction service. Warehouse warrant based transaction service means the Exchange Market provides warehouse warrant transaction, transfer and other services for two trading sides through building electronic spot exchange platform, and offer concerning finance, future delivery, distribution and other transaction integration services for warrant transaction customers by integrating banks, third-party logistics enterprises and other service providers.
Warehouse warrant transaction service guarantees safety of transaction capital and cargo, increases transaction efficiency and reduces trading costs: 1. Guarantee transaction capital safety: trading capital safety is guaranteed through third-party capital settlement system of the platform. 2. Guarantee cargo safety: The Exchange Market manages warehouse of and supervises cargo of warehouse warrant transaction, ensuring cargo safety. 3. Break the limit of transaction area and time: The e-transaction mode for warehouse warrant transaction breaks the limit of trading area and time, conductive to improvement of trading efficiency and convenient trading. 4. Provide concerning finance, future delivery, distribution and other value-added services. By integrating banks and third-party logistics resources, the Exchange Platform strives to build a integrated transaction service system to prove comprehensive supply chain solutions for customers.

Bulk Commodity Price Indexes Information

As the Exchange Market is the official website designed by Bohai Economic Rim Steam Coal Price Index Preparation Committee for collecting data and releasing indexes in Tianjin Port area, it will provide real coal price to customers as early as possible.

Delivery Business

We offer following services for bulk cargo spot traders, futures exchanges, bulk cargo investment institutions and individuals through highly-credible exchange platform:

Delivery Warehouse Business

Delivery warehouse of Tianjin Port Exchange Market is CSRC-certified, covers an area of 12.6 square meter and has delivery capacity of over one million tons, with coking coal futures delivery quantities accounting for over 80% of total delivery quantities of Dalian Commodities Exchange in consecutive three years. The newly-built Tianjin Port Daye Nonferrous Delivery Warehouse is located at Dongjiang Free Trade Zone of Tianjin, with storage yard coverings 94000 square meters, warehouse covering 10950 square meters and annual throughput of over 5 million tons. The new warehouse will bring new development opportunities for delivery business of the company. With professional management personnel, advanced monitoring and operation equipment and complete office supporting facilities, the company is ideal partner for global bulk commodity traders.

Futures-spot Integration Transaction

Futures-spot integration transaction brings arbitrage and hedging platform for futures investment customers and spot traders.
For problems including futures investment customers’ lack of spot market operation experience, and spot traders’ risks of goods depreciation and large price fluctuation, the Exchange Market provides arbitrage or spot sourcing, delivery, transportation, formalities declaration and sale and other services in Tianjin Port and realize hedging of goods and reduction of price fluctuation through futures market.

Supply Chain Management Service

We offer manufacturers, traders and logistics service providers with supply chain management services in the whole process of production, purchase, processing, smelting, transportation, storage and supply of bulk cargo.

Agent Purchase/Sale

It is a business mode where the Exchange Market finishes purchase/sale of goods in a limited time under the commission of customers.
It can effectively help customers expand current business scale and channels, relieve enterprises’ capital pressure due to large quantity of goods deposit, cut costs and increase profits so as to improve customers’ market competitiveness.

Supervision under Commission

It is a business mode where after the buyer and seller conclude contract and confirm basic information of goods purchase, in order to ensure both parties perform the contract, the customers entrusts the Exchange Market to supervise the goods under the contract as a third party and release cargo based on agreements in purchase and sales contract.
By virtue of credibility of the Exchange Market as third-party transaction platform, transaction risk is controlled and transaction of buyer and seller is carried out smoothly.

Port Business Chain Service

It is a business mode to provide import traders with one-package service covering containerized transport, customs entry, warehouse agency service, payment of port business fee and tariff. It spares various formalities that should be handled by customers with the port, increases port business handling efficiency by virtue of resources advantage of Tianjin Port Group and effectively relieves capital stress of port business settlement and tariff payment.